Burnt and beaten: body of missing dog found in Bradford [Warning: distressing image]


An investigation has been launched by the RSPCA after the body of a burnt and mutilated dog was found dumped in Bradford.

On Monday night (25 March), a fire service was called to a blaze in Cliffe Hollins Lane. A pile of rubbish had been set alight but discovered alongside the fire was the body of a tan and white Lurcher.

The veterinary evidence suggests that this poor dog was alive when these hideous injuries were inflicted and this is extremely worrying

RSPCA Inspector Sarah Bagley said, “Fire crews found the dog alongside the rubbish. The body was burned but the major injuries to the dog were not caused by fire.

“The dog’s body was taken to a vet who did an examination and found the dog had suffered a broken jaw, two broken legs – with both back legs snapped – and a large wound to the abdomen with the intestines protruding.

“The vet believes these injuries were caused to the dog while she was still alive and before she died. They think she was then set on fire at the same time as the pile of rubbish she had been dumped on.”

The dog, a 10-year-old bitch, was microchipped and RSPCA officers have been in contact with her owners who are from the local area. Understandably distraught, they do not wish to speak to the press.

“We’ve spoken to this poor dog’s owners and they told us she’d gone missing around eight weeks ago,” Inspector Bagley added.

“The veterinary evidence suggests that this poor dog was alive when these hideous injuries were inflicted and this is extremely worrying. We’re concerned that this dog may have suffered severely before she died.

“We’ve launched an investigation into what happened and would urge anyone with any information that could assist our enquiries to contact us on 0300 123 8018.”

Images by RSPCA 


  1. What is wrong with people?!!!
    That poor dog was somebodies pet. An animal that can show you true love and affection.
    We’ve got to punish harder against this.

  2. I would like to find these mindless brutes and deal with them the same way they terrorised that poor dog. What gives them the right to ill treat another living creature.
    PLEASE find them quickly for the owners sake – they need closure and to see justice done. My heart goes out to them.

  3. What evil bastards could do this to a poor old dog I just can’t believe it,the suffering this poor dog had gone through,it’s so upsetting, my thoughts are with the dogs owner’s.
    I really hope they catch who ever did this and they snap there legs and break there jaw and then set fire to the bastards and let them be put through the same pain and death like this poor innocent old dog and much loved pet was put through.
    RIP poor dog

  4. That poor doggie, nowt but evil B——s, hope to God they get named and get the same done to them …RIP doggie

  5. The monsters that did this to this poor animal should have the same done to them ,it broke my heart seeing this and can only imagine what the owners are going through
    I have three dogs of my own and to think of this happening to any one of them would give me nightmares,please catch these evil monsters before they do this again to someone else pet .put them away for a very long time , but before this name and shame them so everyone knows what evil pathetic cowards they are ,

  6. evil horrible people this is someones poor loving dog and to do such a horrendous injury we should do the same to you rip doggie the poor owners

  7. Unbearable to think what this poor dog went through, what possesses anyone to treat any living thing like this, our Government need to step up and make tougher laws and punishment,
    As far as i am concerned it should be an eye for an eye RIP poor dog

  8. What sort of perverted peice of scum could do such a thing need to be caught before next its s child poor baby how she must have suffered and the poor family to be told how she died xx


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