Q&A: How do you dog-proof your fence?


Having one’s dog jumping past the garden fence and running off is among a dog owner’s worst fears. One of the best ways to prevent it ensuring your fence is secure and dog-proof – but some dogs are proper escape artists, and owners need to come up with creative solutions to keep their four-legged Houdini from wandering away.

We hear again and again from owners who thought their fence to be impenetrable only to see their dog easily jumping over it, or digging his way out – and some who even found an unknown dog on their property, attracted by the scent of their pet or food!

Some add wire so that small dogs cannot crawl beneath it, others add DIY rollers on top to keep the dog from jumping over it – what did you do? How did you dog-proof your fence?

Tell us here, or share your solution and/or pictures on the Facebook thread below, or write to editorial@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk!

Take part to our Q&A and tell us – how did you dog-proof your fence in order to keep your dogs from channeling their inner Houdini and wander off?

Posted by Dogs Today Magazine on Friday, 15 March 2019



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