Saving Indie


I would like to share a story of survival, hope and challenge.

Whilst traveling in the Himalayas on the dangerous streets of India, a group of English travellers rescued an abandoned tiny two-month-old injured puppy who was yelping, in a terrible condition, on the side of the road. Starving, severely dehydrated, back leg broken, open wounds on his ears, infested with fleas and mange – he was half dead. We were unsure if he would survive. Our location was in a small village with no veterinarian services available to help him. We took him home, cleaned and made him comfortable. Slowly he began to regain his strength.No automatic alt text available.Over the next days we loved and nursed him back to health, watching as each day this brave little broken soldier grew in strength, he brought us all such joy. With no one trustworthy to leave him with, I refused to abandon him; after what we had been through together, our connection by now was so strong. I had fallen in love this little soulful being, I named him Indie, and made the decision to adopt and relocate him to England, taking on a huge challenge. We all well know love makes you do crazy things.

Indie and I set out on a mission, with limited time before my flight. I needed to find a vet, a boarding home and a relocation services, where he would stay until I raised enough money for his relocation to England. We travelled hundreds of miles, hidden on night busses, in taxis and scooters from the Himalayas to the south of Delhi. As I carried this fragile broken little puppy in my arms, we shared our rescue story with the people we met along the way, experiencing such kindness and gratitude from total strangers, showered with such love from all we met. A real eye opener to how deeply animals touch and connect people.Finally arriving to Delhi I took Indie for treatment at the Sanjay Animal Center. Tears flowed as I saw street dogs carried in by local people, faces hanging off, horrific injuries I have never seen before, makes our animal hospital look like the Ritz. Here I discovered Indies breed is Bhutia Himalayan Guardian Sheep Dog. A special highly intelligent breed that has protected Nomadic tribes for centuries.

Eventually after delaying my flight, in divine time, the universe guided me to the perfect beings to help us. I found a safe home for Indie to be boarded, and a relocation services. I said goodbye for now to Indie, making a promise to him that we would be reuited. Tearfully I returned to England. Over the past two months Indie and I have been separated. I have felt so inspired by Indie. I have a vision to create a ‘Rescue Center’, to share Indie and other rescued animals as theraputic healers, with all people, especially those with mental health and disability issues. My intention is to create a healing space for Humans and Animals to connect and heal one another.I am a certified as a healer, so would combine alternative therapies with therapy animals. I have all the skills to make this happen. I have always rescued animals and helped people. I believe Indie came into my life for this reason. Returning to England after several years of traveling. Faced with the harsh reality of how things are here, many of my family and friends struggling with severe mental health issues. I want to do what I can to make a positive difference for people.

I have created a crowdfunder page called Saving Indie, trying to raise £2,350 to repair Indie’s broken leg and relocate him to England. We would really appreciate it if you would help to share our story and support us. I would also love to connect with people who would like to participate in bringing the ‘Rescue Center’ to life.




Sanjay Animal Center

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