Great Debate: Should kennels accept titre testing?


Leaving your dog in a boarding kennel even for a short time means leaving him in close proximity with other, unknown dogs. It is therefore vital to ensure that all dogs in kennels are protected against transmissible diseases such as parvovirus, distemper, infectious canine hepatitis and, leptospirosis. 

While most  kennels will only take in dogs who are up-to-date with vaccinations through annual boosters, others also accept titre testing – a simple blood test to see if the dog already has the antibodies required, in which case further vaccination is not needed. However, the decision to accept titre testing as a valid alternative is entirely up to the individual kennel’s policy.

Some say that regular boosters are the best way to ensure all dogs are protected from diseases, and that whether or not to allow alternatives should remain the kennels’ decision; other dislike the idea of having to put their dogs through unnecessary vaccinations, and say that titre testing should be a valid alternative to mandatory boosters. 

Should boarding kennels accept titre testing as well as vaccination papers?

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Posted by Dogs Today Magazine on Monday, 11 June 2018


  1. I believe titre testing is a good alternative to boosters, when you have it done it proves your dog is covered or not .boosters don’t always work, I’ve known of dogs that have died from distemper after having a booster…..


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