Adopt don’t shop this Black Friday


Black Friday is approaching fast, and millions are getting ready to shop, taking advantage of discounted prices. When it comes to dogs, however, Dogs Trust is suggesting a trick to save even more money: to adopt instead of shopping.

The Dogs Trust Ilfracombe is hoping this Black Friday will bring good luck for three of their residents in particular: black ex-racing Greyhounds Boy, Chloe and Marvel. Rogan Quinn, Rehoming Centre Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe said, “As people traditionally hit the shops on Black Friday, we’re hoping they will adopt not shop and use it as the perfect opportunity to celebrate the wonderful black dogs in our care.

“Our three gorgeous black dogs are all such super characters and they really deserve to find a loving new home – we thought if any day would be lucky for them, then surely it’s Black Friday. If you think you could give any of our black dogs a happy home, please get in touch.”

“Four-year-old Boy is a handsome lad with lots of love and affectionate to offer a new owner. He enjoys the company of other dogs and, after a quick burst of exercise, he enjoys stretching out on a nice comfy bed. Boy could live with another dog and older children.”

Chloe, aged four, is a gentle, sweet-natured girl who is a huge fan of cuddles and looks to her human companion for reassurance in new situations. She loves a game of chase with her kennel mate so she would enjoy having doggy friends in her new home or lots of walking buddies. She needs patient owners who will give her time to settle in and adjust to being in a home environment. Chloe could live with children aged 13 and over.”

“Four-year-old Marvel loves food! He’ll do anything if offered a tasty treat. He is affectionate so loves fuss and attention. He is an energetic fella who loves running around with his doggy friends before curling up for a snooze. He’d need an active home where his new family can offer him plenty of open space to run around in. He could live with older teenagers and other dogs.”

To inquire about adopting Boy, Chloe or Marvel, visit Dogs Trust’s website for call the rehoming centre on 0300 303 0292.

Staff at Dogs Trust Salisbury are also hoping that Black Friday will inspire dog lovers to swap shopping for adopting. Crossbreed Cody, 9, has been in the rescue’s care since 2016. With Christmas drawing closer, they are hoping this is a chance to find Cody a new home so that he can greet 2018 with a new family.

Tery Laffin, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Salisbury, said, “Cody is such a wonderful chap who needs a very special home and someone who can give him all the time he needs to relax and settle in. He can take time to get to know new people and does like his own space to begin with but if things are kept calm and slow, he enjoys attention.

 “Cody is a clever boy and continues to learn new things. He has a lot of potential; so if he is allowed to take things at his own pace and is given the help he needs along the way, the sky’s the limit!

“This will be his second Christmas in kennels so we’re hoping that as people traditionally hit the shops on Black Friday, they will decide to adopt not shop, and give Cody the retirement home he deserves to put his paws up in his twilight years.”

 If you can give Cody the home he deserves, please call 0300 303 0292 or pop into the centre at 45 Amesbury Road, Newton Tony, Salisbury, SP4 0HW.

Images by Dogs Trust.



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