Dog Crush: the Airedale Terrier

Airedale terrier in water

It’s time for the ‘King of Terriers’ to star in our Dog Crush feature; the Airedale Terrier will appear in the January issue, out the second week of December!

To do this, we need new and seasoned owners of Airedales to take our breed survey, to tell us what it’s like to own this breed day after day. How do you handle grooming? Is your dog prone to hunting? We need to know all the highs and lows! 

Plus, the feature will include beautiful Airedale-themed art, photography and shopping – so tell us about your favourites!

And if telling us about your favourite breed wasn’t enough, we have 50 free copies of the January issue to give away to survey respondents in the UK. Just leave your postal address at the end when prompted.

The survey can be found here:



  1. Airedales are a brilliant breed. They are hard work with an independent streak, but very rewarding to have within the family. They have been a very illustrious breed too. The first dogs used in Britain as police dogs; by the Glasgow Police and Railway Police. In WWI Airedale Jack sent with a message back to batallion headquarters saved his regiment from complete destruction, both shot and shelled he delivered his message before he died of his wounds. Theodore Roosevelt said, ‘The Airedale can do anything any other dog can do and at the end of the day, whup him if he has to. President Warren Harding had an Airedale, Laddie who had his own chair in Cabinet. I believe that Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover also had Airedales. Some well known celebrities who have had Airedales are John Wayne (he earned his nickname ‘the Duke’ as a result of his dog), Clint Eastwood and Linda Rondstad. Bette Davis and Phil Silvers also shared billing with an Airedale. Ringo Starr had two Airedales, More recently tv’s Mary Portas has just got an Airedale pup. There has even been an Airedale in Downing Street. PM Clement Attlee had an Airedale called Ting.
    In Wellington New Zealand there is a drink fountain with dog bowl dedicated to Paddy the Wanderer, who won the hearts and freedom of the City in the 1930s.
    In WWII Airedales served with distinction as war dogs on both the Allied and Axis sides.


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