Dog Crush: the Borzoi

Borzoi standing in a field

It’s an unusual one for our November issue – the Dog Crush for this upcoming edition will be the Borzoi!

The elegant, unmistakable Borzoi hails from Russia, and is one of our rarer sighthounds. Its silky coat comes in many beautiful shades, with its alternative name being the Russian Wolfhound.

Borzoi rolls in some grass

As usual, we need owners of this breed to get in touch, so we can help our readers and potential owners of the Borzoi build a picture of what they can expect. Tell us all about what it is like to own one: what they love, hate, eat, do and think. What are their grooming needs? What health issues are there to watch out for?

We’ll also be featuring the best Borzoi products and beautiful photography.

You can fill out our survey here. We have 50 free copies to give out to respondents in the UK to say thank you, so be sure to leave your postal address at the end when prompted.


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