Labrador puppy swallows stick for ‘safekeeping’

Labrador puppy

Snowy the Labrador puppy got himself into a ‘sticky situation’ over the Bank Holiday weekend when he swallowed a huge stick to stop his brother from stealing it from him!

Thankfully Snowy’s owners wasted no time in¬†taking their dog in for immediate veterinary treatment at Taverham Vets.

Via Facebook/Taverham Vets

A spokesperson for the Norwich-based practice¬†posted on Facebook, “Our emergency team sprung into action and performed a gastroscopy. This is where a long flexible tube with a camera is used to look inside the oesophagus, stomach and small intestine.”

A vet then removed the stick using a gastroscope, discovering that it was an incredible 23cm long and still in one piece!

Via Facebook/Taverham Vets

Against the odds, Snowy suffered no internal injuries and was happy to return home the following morning. That’s one lucky Labrador!

Featured image via Facebook/Taverham Vets


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