Spaniel found with dew claws illegally removed [Warning: graphic images]

spaniel was found de-clawed

The RSPCA has begun investigatory proceedings after a young spaniel was found dumped in a bush beside a busy road in Kent. Covered in wounds, the one-year-old bitch was found by a kind-hearted member of the public on the A20 in Harrietsham, between Ashford and Maidstone, on the evening of Tuesday 2 May. She has been given the name Flick.

The black and white pooch was both injured and incredibly frightened; she was immediately taken to a nearby vet who was then able to alert the animal welfare charity. An RSPCA spokesperson said, “She had no form of identification and isn’t microchipped so we’re unsure as to where she’s come from. She has a docked tail and some really nasty wounds on her feet and her legs.

“Vets believe she has had her claws forcibly and traumatically removed, while her legs are covered in pressure sores and urine scald.”

de clawed injuries

Declawing has been illegal in England since 2006 with the introduction of the Animal Welfare Act. Furthermore, owners are only entitled to dock their dog’s tail if they are certified as working dogs and are under the age of five-days-old. Otherwise, they must only be docked for medical reasons as recommended by a vet.

“To forcibly remove a dog’s claws is an abhorrent act and is illegal under animal welfare law in this country,” the RSPCA spokesman added.

“To simply abandon her by the side of the road like rubbish when she is clearly injured and in need of veterinary treatment is unbelievably shocking. We’d be keen to hear from anyone who knows where Flick may have come from or who might be responsible for inflicting these injuries on her and then cruelly abandoning her.”

gapping wound

The RSPCA is hoping to hear from anyone who may have known where Flick came from and who may be responsible for her injures and abandonment.

In the meantime, a member of staff at the veterinary hospital has offered to rehome Flick if she is unclaimed, and give her that forever home she so truly deserves.

We will keep you updated on her progress.

Featured image via RSPCA


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