Incredible transformation of the ‘statue dog’

pascal before and after

Pascal the puppy had the most terrible start in life, after he was submerged in glue and dragged through mud by some cruel children. This coating on his body formed a hard second skin, restricting his movement, cutting off the blood supply to parts of his body, and forcing him to drag his back legs.

pascal covered in glue and dirt
Via Facebook/Stichting He’art of Rescue International

Thankfully, he was brought into the care of Istanbul-based He’art of Rescue International, shivering and afraid in a cardboard box. The clinic staff and volunteers shaved his shaking body, freeing him from the cage of debris and leaving him pink and confused.

Initially mistrustful of people, Pascal soon formed a bond with another rescue dog, and slowly but surely began to come out of his shell.

pascal and his new friend
Via Facebook/Stichting He’art of Rescue International

Within months, Pascal was unrecognisable, as a fresh new coat began to grow through.

In March, He’art of Rescue International shared pictures of Pascal online, which showed him enjoying his new life on the beach in Spain with his adoptive family, and looking very grown up!

He'art of Rescue International
Via Facebook/Stichting He’art of Rescue International

A spokesperson for the organisation commented on Facebook of Pascal’s story, “His transformation is nothing less than a miracle, a collective prayer answered. His story is a huge lesson on how to teach our kids to better treat the natural world and the sentient beings we share this world with…”

Via Facebook/Stichting He’art of Rescue International

You can follow the stories of He’art of Rescue International and donate to aid their amazing work by visiting

Featured image via Facebook/Stichting He’art of Rescue International


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