Thank you Kit Kat

Kit Kat

Kit Kat (2002-2016)

I woke up this morning, got out of bed and saw you weren’t there.

Went to get my coffee, maybe to share a morning bite – looked down – but you weren’t there.

Peeked out of the curtain while taking my morning shower. You were always our ‘lifeguard on duty’. You weren’t there.

Walked out into the yard and looked at the beautiful green summer grass. You would always run out with me then stop and look back with those beautiful happy eyes and drop your Frisbee at my feet.

Today, the yard was silent. Several birds were chirping while others sang, but the normally uplifting morning melodies seem sad and empty.

All the times I would walk from the kitchen to the bedroom and you would follow

In my office is your pillow that you loved so much. Today, unoccupied. But I leave it there, the back of my mind wondering, hoping, that just somehow your spirit might still be here with me and resting there.

I miss your happy face. Your bright eyes. The way you would wag your tail when I would smile at you. How you would always be at my side in the house, in the office, in the shop. All the times I would walk from the kitchen to the bedroom and you would follow. Go downstairs and you’d be right there. Go back upstairs because I forgot something and you wouldn’t miss a step.

The love and happiness you’ve given us is unmatched

The look on your face would break my heart if we had to go somewhere and couldn’t bring you. As I would lock the door, I’d hear you barking your discontent, calling for us to please come back. I always couldn’t wait to come back home to see, hug and play with you. How many times we’d come home and you were lying on the very top of the couch pointed at the door, waiting for us. This was the only time you would do this, which told me just how much you missed us while we were gone.

The love and happiness you’ve given us is unmatched. Cannot be exceeded. The hole you left in our hearts, unfillable. I sink sadly into my office chair, close my eyes and find myself thinking back on the so many happy times we’ve enjoyed together. As I do, I find my frown slowly turns to a smile. There you are. Yes, you are still with me, and always will be.

The phone rings and I open my eyes. As I turn to answer it, I again see your pillow. I let the phone ring.

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