The rise of the pet partner


A new piece of research conducted by the UK veterinary network – My Family Vets – has collated new evidence supporting that a staggering 8 out of 10 of us admit that our pet has a more calming influence on them than their loved one. The research shows how, in the majority of cases, our pets really are our partners.

Over 10,000 pet owners were asked about their habits in relation to their pets, giving insight into the passion we have for our pet friends and how many have a better relationship with them than with their other half. According to the research, it appears that a large majority of us would rather spend our time eating, sleeping and holidaying with our pets rather than our partners as a source of constant companionship.

Rather astonishingly, 85% of people believe their pet is the most calming influence on their lives whilst 59% of people allow their pet to sleep in their bedroom. Even more surprising is the 15% of people who brush their pet’s teeth at least three times a week!

Pet in bed

Tom Bury, Clinical Director at Rowe Vets and part of the My Family Vets group in Bristol, had the following to say on the survey, “Every day we see people treating their pet as an equal family member, totally devoted, and the survey results reflect this.

“As our lives are becoming busier we are experiencing more stress, our pets are non-judgmental allowing us to enjoy happy, fun and relaxing times with them, often without complication.

“We’ve all seen many reports showing that pets make you happier and healthier and this is also being shown in how we care for our pets, many thankfully getting first rate health care which we applaud. It’s also great to find out that for example more people are cleaning their pet’s teeth more than 3 times a week and of course they are often showered with presents.”

Whether your pet is a dog, cat, guinea pig or hamster, it’s impossible to disregard the loving bond we develop with our pets, as they give us their friendship through thick and thin. The grief we experience over the death of a pet can be as just as devastating or as strong as what we experience with a human bond, and in some cases, it can be even worse.

As Tom Bury added, “We totally understand our client’s feelings and celebrate our mutual love of animals. As vets, we do all we can to help keep their much-loved pets healthy whilst providing support in the inevitable sad times.”

Images courtesy of My Family Vets.


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