‘119-year-old’ rescue dog finds new home – with fellow oldie

Credit: Gavin Dickson

The oldest dog ever to come into the care of Dogs Trust has been happily rehomed, to the delight of staff caring for him at the charity’s Evesham centre.

Dog with yellow bandana
Credit: Gavin Dickson

Scruffy, a hairy 17-year-old crossbreed, is estimated to be around 119 in dog years, and found himself homeless when his owner became ill. Dogs Trust staff were initially worried no one would be able to see past Scruffy’s age, but thankfully he was snapped up by Matthew Deery and Sarah Jarvis. The couple already have a 17-year-old Jack Russell, and knew that Scruffy could be the perfect companion for him.

Credit: Gavin Dickson

Matthew said, “We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer Scruffy a home. We lost one of our dogs a few years ago and really wanted a companion for Sam, our elderly Jack Russell who’s been missing his best friend. When we saw the article we knew it was time for us to open our hearts to another furry friend, as well as giving Sam someone to play and cuddle up with.”

Scruffy and a jack russell
Credit: Gavin Dickson

He added, “Scruffy has settled in brilliantly. Within an hour of coming home he found his spot on the sofa and has already become part of the family. His favourite thing at the moment is going for an early morning stroll after breakfast and snuggling up on the chair. He’s such a sweet-natured dog and we’re looking forward to making 2017 a great year for him.”

The dogs are in bed
Credit: Gavin Dickson

Featured image credit: Gavin Dickson


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