Five simple ways to keep your dog healthy and happy


Whether you’re the proud owner of a precious pedigree dog or a lively rescue, there’s one thing all our four-legged furry friends have in common: they make our lives better. In celebration of national pet month, we want to give our loyal companions the love they deserve by taking extra good care of their health and happiness. With the help of our friends at IAMS, we’ve got some easy ways for you to make sure your dog is living their best life.

1) Keep an eye on their water bowl

Thirsty dog

Just like us, water makes up most of a dog’s body. But unlike us dogs don’t sweat visibly, which makes it hard to tell when they’re dehydrated. Keeping an eye on your dog’s H20 intake could improve their life, as it helps dogs digest food, breathe in fresh oxygen and pump blood through their veins. It is also vital to keep change their bowl daily to keep it fresh – dirty water isn’t good for anyone!

So keep that water bowl fresh and filled up to the top, your canine companion will thank you.

2) Look for food made from natural ingredients

dog in field

Dog food made from natural ingredients eliminates additives and artificial chemicals from your dog’s diet, resulting in visible benefits. Also, this food tastes better!

Despite how house trained they might be now, dogs evolved from carnivores in the wild, meaning animal proteins are and always have been an essential component in their diet. The health experts at IAMS appreciate the important of your dog’s dietary needs, their Naturally range providing high quality animal protein for your dog. They have seen visible improvements in dogs adopting a diet full of natural goodies, as these nourishing ingredients give our loyal friends just what they deserve.

 3) Take a walk

dog in field

This might seem obvious to most, but we can’t stress this enough: good exercise is crucial. The right exercise regime paired with the appropriate diet is what contributes to give your dog live a long, happy life. Remember it’s never a bad time to pick up the lead and hit the park – unless there’s a snow storm out. Otherwise, trust us, it’ll do the both of you some good.

4) Toys, toys, toys

playful puppy

Whether you’re a new dog owner or a veteran, you know dogs go absolutely crazy for a good toy to play with. So if you’re leaving the house to go to work in the morning or are popping out for a quick coffee, make sure to leave your dog with their favourite toy*. This will help relieve anxiety about you leaving and keep them happily occupied while you’re away.

*Always check your dog’s toys for any small parts that could easily be swallowed or sharp edges that could injure them. Safe and durable toys are the best toys to give your dog, especially if you’re out for the day.

5) Mental stimulation

Woman caring for dog

All dog owners know these selfless guys are loving, caring animals who just want to make us feel good. A dog loves learning new tricks and challenges to impress you, which strengthens the bond between you two. Studies have shown that dogs latch on to their owners like babies do to parents, so loving attention is a must for a happy pooch, even if it’s just a cuddle on the couch while the telly’s on.

Being your dog’s best friend seems simple enough, doesn’t it? The health experts at IAMS know the importance of health for happiness, which is why they’ve made sure to make it a priority – the appropriate nutrition and loving care are a simple recipe for a joyful pooch.

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