‘Cash’ the Belgian Shepherd finds huge stash of euros on Luxembourg train


An aptly-named sniffer dog has found €286,000 hidden on a man and in a suitcase during a search of a train in Luxembourg.

The massive find was a part of an anti-drug service raid, of which Cash the dog’s nose proved to be a vital element of success.

Cash led his handlers to a train passenger who was found to be concealing €50,000 on his person. The Belgian Shepherd then indicated towards a piece of luggage, which was found to have €236,000 within.

All of the money was confiscated and two men have been arrested pending further investigation, as under Luxembourg’s laws, cash amounts totalling more than €10,000 must be declared.

With a combined find of over a quarter of a million euros in one shift, Cash has certainly proven his true value!

Featured image: stock


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