Abandoned puppy Picasso inundated with rehoming offers


A dog given up due to his severe facial deformity has been saved from euthanasia and is all set for a loving new family, all thanks to Luvable Dog Rescue in Oregon, USA.

Picasso is a ten-month-old Corgi-Pit Bull cross, and was born with a twisted, misaligned jaw, which gives him a very lopsided look. This meant he wasn’t easy to sell; instead, Picasso was given up to the pound by his breeder, along with his litter brother, who has been named Pablo.

Via Facebook/Luvable Dog Rescue

After learning the pair were on the pound’s euthanasia list, volunteers at Luvable Dog Rescue stepped in. Picasso is now waiting to have a tooth sorted out, but luckily it seems his problem is fairly cosmetic; Picasso can eat quite happily, and seems none the wiser to his abstract profile!

Via Instagram/Luvable Dog Rescue

His uniqueness has garnered Picasso quite a following across Luvable Dog Rescue’s social media channels, and propelled him into international news. All this attention means he is more or less guaranteed a fantastic new home, as offers flood in for both him and his brother.

Featured image via Luvable Dog Rescue


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