Dog Crush: the German Shepherd


If you own a German Shepherd, we would love you to take our latest Dog Crush survey on what it’s like to have this breed at home day after day, year after year.

In our upcoming May issue, which is out the second week of April, we are planning a huge feature of this incredibly popular, loyal and intelligent dog – and we need your help. We want to advise the Shepherd owners of the future, so they know what to expect, from the good bits to the not-so-good bits.

What makes the German Shepherd special? What problems can arise from poor ownership of this breed? How do you fit this powerful working dog into a pet home? We need your expertise on health, behaviour, grooming, exercise, and more! Plus your favourite names and best memories…

Let us know your thoughts, and take our survey here:

A lucky 50 of our respondents will get a free copy of the May issue to say thank you! Good luck!


  1. Re; The photo of the GSD heading the “Dog Crush” article.
    Not complaining but kindly pointing out that due to the structure of the harness – it is one that would likely restrict ability to breathe efficiently, since the cross piece would place pressure on the chest above the breast bone. In instances of SAR / tracking a dog wearing such would be quite uncomfortable.
    A article on harness design would be quite a useful topic to investigate – observing how many designs are on the market – one may wonder who they are designed for – the human or the dog?


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