Bus driver breaks the rules to shelter strays from storm


Getting caught in a thunderstorm is never fun, and will make most of us dive for cover into the nearest building to wait it out. Sadly, stray animals can’t do this, and are often left with no other option than to sit and get soaked – unless someone steps in to help.

A bus driver in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been commended for offering a dry and safe shelter to two stray dogs after a sudden storm rolled in over the city, despite the bus company’s strict ‘no animals’ policy.

After spotting the scared and shivering dogs with nowhere to keep out of the driving rain, the driver grabbed them and brought them on board.

Via Facebook/Carina Barbosa

Commuters posted pictures of the huddled pair online, which quickly drew praise from around the world for the bus driver – but also risked him facing repercussions from his superiors.

Perhaps surprisingly, his management issued a statement supporting the driver’s decision. The commuters now hope that sharing the dogs online will help them secure loving new homes – so they are never left out in the cold again.

Featured image via Facebook/Carina Barbosa


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