Great Debate: do squeaky toys encourage a dangerous prey drive?


What’s your stance on this upcoming Great Debate?

Squeaky toys are firm favourites with many dogs – often to the frustration of their owners!

But the annoying noise is not the only reason why some dog owners are wary of these toys; some believe that they can encourage dangerous behaviour, inciting and encouraging a dog’s instinctive prey drive. Perhaps such toys encourage vicious behaviour towards other things that squeak and sequel – small animals, other dogs, or even children. But this is nonsense to others, who think such toys are harmless fun.

Where do you stand? Can squeaky toys really be dangerous? Does it depend on the dog? We want to know your thoughts for our February issue.

Send your replies and pictures to, or comment on the thread below.


  1. Squeaky toys allow dogs to perform natural prey driven behaviours in a safe and harmless way. There is a big difference between a squeaky toy and a living breathing animal or child – even to a dog! As long as play is controlled and fixation is avoided then there should be no harm in dogs playing with squeaky toys.


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