Dog Crush: the Irish Setter


Own an Irish Setter?

We’re looking for Irish Setter owners to take part in our next Dog Crush survey. Tell us about your dog and why you love this breed, so we can help advise potential owners of the joys and pitfalls of having one.

We’re also looking for fantastic photography and products that feature the breed. Please let us know in the survey or by commenting below.

There are 50 free copies with the resulting feature to be given away too! And please do share with other enthusiasts! 

Via Giphy

Take part here:


  1. We are happy to participate. We rescued our Irish Setter when she was left tied to a lamppost over night at 6.5 months of age. She definitely has a personality different from any other dogs we’ve had

  2. We have a very cheeky, loyal and very expressive Irish Setter that we rescued at the age of 6 1/2 months after being tied to a lamppost, I have hundreds of wonderful photographs of our beautiful girl

  3. We have also been owned by this stunning breed since 1979. We have an oldie of 14 at the moment, but lots of pictures over the years. They are fantastic dogs, friendly, smart and beautiful.

  4. When does this issue come out?
    I have had Irish setters since 1969. Presently I have 5 (3 Reds and 2 Red & Whites) – I Fell in love with the Irish setter breed when I just just 8 years old (1958) they are the most loving, clownish , fantastic Breed for me.


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