Moving moment caged dog runs free again


After being kept in a tiny cage without food or water, Liszka, a female terrier, was in a bad state. Unable to stand or move normally in the confines of her prison, her muscles contracted and her body curled over. When she was found by the rescue group OTOZ Animals and taken in, it was said the little dog was laying ‘waiting to die’, surrounded by her own waste.

Via Facebook/OTOZ Animals
Via Facebook/OTOZ Animals

No one knows how long she was forced to live in this way, but it had taken its toll. Liszka was rushed to a veterinary clinic, where staff rubbed her legs to relax her muscles, and gave her food.

While Polish police investigated her owner, Liszka was learning to trust again.


OTOZ Animals released a video of her running free that has now been shared hundreds of times on their Facebook page. It shows that although Liszka is having some mobility problems, she is happy to interact with people, and relishes once again having space to move in.

Watch the beautiful video in full here:



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