Born in the wrong country


They say people like me do what we do because we are broken or have been through something traumatic in life.
They say we are looking for something to fix because we can’t fix what happened to us.
So what happened to me?
Cancer – that’s what…
So what is it I am doing?
What am I trying to fix?
What is it that I am doing to try to get me through this?
I am volunteering for a charity.
No, not a cancer charity as you may think.
I am volunteering for a group called Save the Breasta Dogs.


What is this?
We are a small group of 6 who are based around the UK and we work with a few people in Romania to help to save dogs from public kill shelters.
These dogs have no voice.elsa 1
These dogs have no chance without help.

In Romania dog catchers are paid to catch ‘street’ dogs. They brutally capture the dogs and they are then thrown into kill shelters. I mean brutally and I mean thrown.
These dogs are then given 14 days to get a home or they are brutally killed in front of each other and I mean brutally, I won’t go into any more detail than that. Just use your imagination and times it by a lot.

How do we help?
We have people on the ground in Romania, volunteers, who are allowed into the shelter each day to feed the dogs and give them medicines if they are ill. They also then let us know the dogs which we can try to save.
To save the dog we need room in one of the safe shelters nearby, but this costs money to transport them and also to then look after them as the safe shelters need money to feed them etc.

We try to cover these costs by asking people to sponsor a dog.
evie 5If the dog has no name the sponsor gets to give them a name, which is always the nice part, for the dog to have a name and not just a number.
The sponsor money then covers the dogs basic costs such as food and care.
Sponsorship costs from 35 euros to 50 euros depending upon the facilities at the safe shelter, some have vets on site etc.
Once the dogs are in the shelters and settled we get an overview of their temperament etc and we are then in a position to offer them for adoption or fostering.
This is not as easy as it sounds as we currently have over 500 dogs in our care and trying to promote them for homes is a lengthy process and we are limited to where we can promote these dogs. We try to promote them on the internet, mainly facebook but the pages are saturated with other groups trying to do the same. It is challenging and emotionally draining.
Some evenings we are sat on our computers until midnight and we have to be up for work the next day. We feel like giving in but we won’t because without us the dogs would have no one, we are their only hope, but we need help, we need people like us to care, people like us to want to help.


To help to sponsor a dog
To help to foster a dog
To help to adopt a dog
To send a small donation
If you would like to help, could help, in any way, then we would love to hear from you.
Please look at our webpage where we have links to our facebook pages and there is a little more information about us: 
Please join our facebook group:
Yes I can hear what a lot of you are saying, there are dogs in our own country that need help but they are treated so much more kindly here than in Romania, you only have to google that.
They are the innocent souls whose only crime was to be born into the wrong country.
All dogs deserve to be loved and helped don’t they?

You can donate via the website here, or via PayPal to

This is a personal essay by Kylie Ward of Save the Breasta Dogs. Want to submit your own writing? 


  1. Love Save the Breasta Dogs. Currently sponsor two dogs with them. And am always brought to tears at the happy endings! The look in a dogs eyes after its been rescued and know they are safe is beautiful. Thanks for writing this Kylie.


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