The Queen’s swan marker is urging dog owners to keep their animals under control around swans after a serious of fatal attacks. David Barber said incidents have now been recorded in Caversham, Hurley, Maidenhead and Marlow.

Mr Barber said, “We are hoping for an increase in cygnet numbers in 2016 as the total number of cygnets recorded during Swan Upping 2015 was a disappointing 83 compared to 120 in the previous year.

“Sadly, some of the injuries sustained by the parent birds have been fatal, resulting in young cygnets struggling to survive on their own against the ever present threats of natural predators. Without the adult birds being present to protect them, many cygnets do not survive such attacks.”


He added, “As part of our aim to promote education and the welfare of mute swans, we ask members of the public to keep their dogs under control when in the vicinity of swans or other wildlife.

“Apart from the obvious threat posed by a dog that is not under control, such attacks often result in serious injuries or fatalities being sustained by the swans.”


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