Then and now: a friendship 15 years in the making🐶👦🏻


A ‘then and now’ transformation photograph has us all remembering our childhood dogs this week: Gordon Delacroix, of Brussels, Belgium, got his puppy Birdy when he was just fifteen years old – shown in the first photo. The middle photo shows us ten years later, and then fifteen years later. Whereas the backdrop of Gordon’s grandmother’s house remains the same (as does the questionable choice of jumper), man and dog do some serious growing up.

“Five years ago I was just going through old pictures and stumbled upon that one, I checked in my wardrobe and (embarrassingly) the same sweater was still just sitting there so I thought why not redo the picture?” Delacroix told ABC News. “The one I took yesterday was mostly because I thought people might enjoy it or find it interesting; it’s also a great memory to have of my best pal!”

Via Imgur

The fantastic photo series has now been viewed over 2.3 million times on Imgur, but sadly this may be the final milestone for the best friends; although Gordon’s life is really just starting out, Birdy is very old now and has recently been diagnosed with inoperable cancer.

“He could easily be great for another six months, but it’s also possible that he’ll get very sick again soon and this time for the last time,” Gordon said. “It breaks my heart just to think about it, but we’ve had so many great years and adventures together.

“I’m grateful he was part of my life.”


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