Sheriff adopts dog discovered chained in floodwaters💧


Severe flooding in an area of Texas in the USA led many residents to evacuate their homes – including one man who decided to leave his dog chained up on his porch. Archer, a two-year-old Border Collie cross, had no means of escape, but was thankfully just about alive when she was discovered days after her home was abandoned.

When Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls first saw Archer from a rescue boat, only her head was above the water. Had help arrived any later, she would have likely drowned, unable to swim to safety due the anchor of the chain, now deep underwater. The rescue boat team, which included law enforcement and a local press team, worked to free Archer. She was then pulled aboard, filthy and afraid, and taken to the Houston Humane Society for rehabilitation.

More of the dog’s original owner’s negligence was then bought to light: Archer was riddled with fleas, tested positive for heartworm, and the deep ring around her neck indicated that she was chained up for quite sometime. Her survival story soon spread, and many families offered Archer a new home, after her original owner made it clear she was no longer wanted. But Troy Nehls took his family to visit Archer a few days after the rescue, unable to put the sweet dog out of his mind, and Archer went home with him.

Via Facebook/Houston Humane Society
Via Facebook/Houston Humane Society

“Archer was super excited to see the man that had helped save her life!” wrote the Houston Humane Society on their Facebook page.

“It was love at first sight for everyone. Archer spent all afternoon giving kisses to the whole crew! At the end, the family voted unanimously to adopt Archer and make her part of their pack!!!”

Troy Nehls then gave us all this very sweet update later on, writing on Facebook, “I think she’s going to be just fine.”

Via Facebook/Troy Nehls
Via Facebook/Troy Nehls

Featured image via Facebook/Sheriff Troy E Nehls


  1. Definitely one of the best happy endings I have had the pleasure of reading! I am so glad to know that she is safe and loved!
    I would hope that the former owner is charged with cruelty and neglect and prosecuted. They should NEVER be allowed to have any more animals!


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