Help Lizzie run again


Five-month-old Lizzie, from Cyprus, had a horrible start in life: mistreated and repeatedly kicked by her owner, she had both knee joints in her hind legs displaced by the time she was rescued by Rochelle van Buuren. Lizzie has now undergone bi-lateral knee surgery, and is facing a long road to recovery – while her rescuer faced mounting vet bills.

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A fundraising page has been set to help paying for Lizzie’s care. Click here to help.

Rochelle van Buuren is a dog rescuer based in Cyprus, where legislation against animal cruelty leaves much to be desired. Among the dogs she’s helped is Hermia, a Pointer pup whose hind paws were hacked off before she was left to die in a dumpster. Thanks to fundraising and much TLC, Hermia is now a happy young dog who can wander around thanks to a set of wheels and a prosthetic leg. Rochelle is now hoping to give Lizzie a happy ending as well.

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Images: Hermia – Paws of Hope/Facebook. 


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