Transformation of Timmy the dog with the tumour

Dog with orange-sized tumour saved and set for TV

Timmy was once living in squalor with a huge tumour, but now his incredible story of recovery will feature in an episode of Channel 5's The Dog Rescuers.

When he was found in a run-down house in Wallasey, Merseyside, Timmy was in a terrible state. The elderly collie-cross had a facial tumour so large and infected it was dragging down his right eye.

RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes, who rescued Timmy, said, “I’ll never forget that house, it smelled so bad the fire brigade were worried someone had died in there.

“Timmy was lying on a sofa surrounded by faeces, mouldly food and rubbish everywhere. He had a huge tumour on his face, it was as big as an orange and ulcerated and infected, my heart went out to him.”

Timmy was taken in for immediate veterinary treatment, and it was discovered the tumour could be removed safely as it wasn't attached to his skull. The surgery was delicate so as not to cause to any damage to Timmy's mouth and eye, but it was a success and he made a full recovery. He has since found his forever home on a dairy farm in Kingsley, Cheshire, with new owner Jo Oultram, a vet.

Timmy the dog with new owner Jo and RSPCA Inspector Antony Joynes


Jo said, “He needed a foster home so we thought we’d bring this rather sweet old dog home with us and within moments he’d got a spot on the sofa and everybody fell in love with him so he was here to stay.

“He settled in so quickly. Considering he’s 15 years old he’s a very busy dog, he bustles around exploring everything.”

Timmy's original owner was banned for keeping animals for 10 years, handed a suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay costs, having plead guilty to animal cruelty.

You can see a snippet of Timmy's story from The Dog Rescuers below. His story is set to feature on the show tonight (Tuesday 27 June) at 8pm on Channel 5.

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