Airport retirement party

Airport sniffer dog thrown killer retirement party

Gema the Labrador was a working sniffer dog at Orlando International Airport for five long years, and this Thursday it was decided the time had come for her to hang up her harness and begin her well-deserved retirement.

But her handler Eddie wasn't going to let her leave without a proper send-off. He and his colleagues organised quite a party to celebrate Gema's dedication and service in the name of sniffing!

In a very special event documented on the airport's Twitter account, Gema was treated to presents and a tiara, or 'retirement crown'. She spent the day in the company of her canine friends - her sniffer dog former co-workers.

Gema will live out her golden years with Eddie, who said of his cherished dog, "In darkness, she is my eyes. She's my sister, my protection. When lonely, she lets me know I'm not."

eddie and gema

Eddie and Gema. Via Twitter/Orlando Intl Airport

Featured image via Twitter/Orlando Intl Airport

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