sinkhole lassie was rescued

'Lassie' needs saving in sinkhole irony

Firefighters working in Maryland, USA, had an unusual call yesterday to report a dog trapped in an eight-foot deep muddy sinkhole. Members of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department assisted by Annapolis City firefighters worked to free the large male Rough Collie in a 90-minute operation.

The dog, named Siri, was brought back to the surface by a harnessed-up rescue worker. Siri was thankfully unhurt and appeared to be in good spirits, but was in dire need of a good wash after the incident.

How and why the dog got into the sinkhole remains unknown, but given Siri's striking resemblance to canine hero Lassie, many were cracking the same joke: was he looking for Timmy?

Featured image via Facebook/Anne Arundel County Fire Department

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