Dog Crush: the Samoyed

With a foxy face and snowy white coat, the Samoyed is a truly beautiful breed, and one that will take centre stage of our upcoming July issue. Yes, our next Dog Crush will be the simply gorgeous Samoyed!


If you own one Samoyed or several, we could use your help. Tell us what it's like to have this dog day-to-day, from grooming needs to personality pleasures (and pitfalls!). Are they noisy? Do they love everyone? Do they excel at certain activities? How do you handle the FLOOF?

dog swims in lake

Via Giphy

If you take our survey (and you are a UK resident) we could be sending you a special thank you copy of the issue with all the results - there's 50 up for grabs. Just remember to leave your address when prompted...


You can take the survey here:

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