Firefighter adopts dog found in home of deceased owner

Last month, emergency service workers were dispatched to a home in Farmington Hills, in Michigan, USA, following reports of an unresponsive woman. Sadly, the lady in question had quietly passed away, but when firefighters searched her house, they discovered she had left someone important behind.

Banjo, a young Boston Terrier, had been this lady's beloved pet, and left alone for many days, was showing signs of dehydration. Firefighters gave Banjo some water, and looked into what they could do for the bereaved dog. They soon learnt his owner had no family nearby, and there was no one who could take Banjo on.

They worried about Banjo all day. Where would he end up? Later that afternoon, one of the firefighters caved; Nick Newcomb asked to adopt Banjo and ensure a happy future for him.

Once his shift was over, Nick took little Banjo home - a huge surprise for his young daughter, Brooke!

Brooke Newcomb, Nick Newcomb, Banjo, and Stephanie Pann. Via Facebook/City of Farmington Hills, Michigan - Municipal Government

“Our department prides itself on compassionate service to the community but this story is particularly heartwarming,” said Farmington Hills Fire Chief Jon Unruh in a Facebook statement. “We extend our condolences to the family and hope that this wonderful gesture by Nick and his family will offer some small comfort during a very difficult time.”

Featured image via Facebook/City of Farmington Hills, Michigan - Municipal Government

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