Dog meat farm rescue 'doesn't know how to lie down'

Raised on a South Korean dog meat farm, Harriet never had a bed, or even any space of her own. Without this, she and her fellow farm dogs would lean up against each other and sleep standing up. Thankfully, she and 200 other dogs were freed and brought over to the USA and other selected countries earlier this month. Harriet was one of 14 bought to Florida. They will soon start new lives as treasured pets, but it will be quite an adjustment...

In heartbreaking footage released by her new carers from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, the results of Harriet's upbringing are painfully clear. The three-year-old Korean Jindo simply doesn't realise she can lie down, and how it would be far more comfortable for her. Instead, she tries to sleep as she has always done, with paws firmly on the floor.

Thankfully, an update shows how Harriet has now learnt the joys of a comfy fleecy bed. Next up in her rehabilitation program is learning to walk on a lead, something she has never before experienced, and putting on some weight.

The Humane Society commented, "Even though our Korean pups are doing well and beginning to adjust, they are still suffering from the horror they endured.

"These dogs have been on an arduous journey and still have a long way to go, but we are hopeful that wagging tails and snuggley beds will become their norm."

Featured image via YouTube/Humane Society of Tampa Bay

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