Rottweiler's prong collar grows into his neck

A woman from Toronto, Canada, has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after her dog was found to have the prongs of a metal spiked training collar embedded into his neck.

Maddox, a one-year-old Rottweiler, was taken in by Toronto Humane Society after staff noticed the collar was causing the dog serious pain. They had to use bolt cutters to remove it, as all 16 prongs had become embedded in the dog's neck and throat. Maddox would have been in serious distress, having had the collar put on him at a young age and not had it suitably loosened as he grew. Tissue had actually grown and formed around each prong, indicting Maddox was left in this collar for a very long time.

But even when used and fitted correctly, prong collars are still outdated and cruel training tools, designed to inflict pain and assert dominance over a dog.

Maddox's former owner, Latifa Badri, 31, pleaded guilty on November 29 to one count of causing an animal to be in distress and one count of permitting an animal to be in distress. She was sentenced to two years probation, a 10-year ban on owning or caring for animals, and will be subject to random inspections by the Ontario SPCA for the next three years.

“We are pleased to see the court’s decision in this sentencing,” says Alison Green of Ontario SPCA. “Leaving your animal in distress is never an option.”

Maddox has recovered from his ordeal, and has been rehomed to a new family.

Featured image via Facebook/Toronto Humane Society


  1. Yas 12 December, 2016 at 05:17 Reply

    Victoria Haywood, you idiot.
    Research about the training benefits of a prong collar instead of making an ignorant and false statement you know nothing about.

  2. Austin Ward 13 January, 2017 at 13:33 Reply

    Only happened in September…..but since Dog’s Today are notorious for dragging these stories up mid December year after year (why regularly mid December….?) it’s no wonder. I also see you’re no closer to the truth when it comes to the equipment. I wouldn’t trust Dog’s Today if you wrote it were dark at midnight, I’d still go and check! Still, no conscience lying to the general dog owning public.

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