Dog uses body to protect unconscious owner during house fire

A dog is being hailed as a hero after he helped to save his owner from a house fire in Pennsylvania. Che was found laying over his owner's body by firefighters who responded to the emergency call, made by neighbours who had heard Che's frantic barking.

“Early this morning [Monday 23 October] we were called by the Philadelphia Fire Department for a dog from a fire,” Red Paw Emergency Relief Team posted on Facebook. Red Paw Emergency Relief Team is an volunteer-led group seeking to help families in the wake of domestic disasters.

“When we arrived on-scene we were told that neighbours were alerted of the fire due to the dog barking. Neighbours stated that it's unusual for him to be barking at that time and that is what woke them. When neighbours looked out the window they saw his house on fire. They are saying that the dog saved everyone!”

Che is now being treated for smoke inhalation and possible pneumonia, but is recovering well. He is now eating and happy to walk outside, but still requires oxygen. He was recently paid a visit by one of the Philadelphia firefighters who saved him and his owner.

Che's owner remains in hospital in a critical condition, but it's thought Che's decision to stay laying across her chest prevented her from being burned even further. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

You can follow Che's progress on Red Paw Emergency Relief Team's Facebook page.

Featured image via Facebook/Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

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