Leotards for dogs are here

Why would anyone put a leotard on a dog, I hear you wonder aloud? Well, these fetching costumes are actually a mastermind of hair control. By enclosing the majority of your dog's coat within this binding yet comfortable fabric, shedding is seriously minimised. They also look pretty amazing too.

The leotard is actually called a 'Shed Defender', and is the genius invention of Tyson Walters, from California, who was being driven to distraction by the constant onslaught of fluff from his St Bernard, Harley.

Walters explains on his website, "I needed a solution to control Harley's hair; it was everywhere. I had tumble weeds of her hair on my hardwood floors. My car was close to ruined because of all the hair intertwined in the fabric. There was nothing I could do, just brush and brush and brush, and yet that still wasn't enough. I came up with the idea and had my mom started sewing the Shed Defender; needless to say, it was time to hire a professional. I took the next step in hiring a seamstress and started making prototypes. The outcome has evolved into a flawless design that is not only effective, but also allows for a comfortable fit for the dog. It is now finally complete and I couldn't be happier with the results."

The form-fitting garments can even help protect dogs with skin conditions and allergies, as well as act as a replacement to the so-called 'Cone of Shame' after surgery and stitches. A portion of every sale is donated to an animal rescue organisation too.

It's a cute and functional idea - but be warned, neck ruffs will never be contained!

Featured image via Facebook/Shed Defender

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