Pax, saved from the brink🕊

In New Jersey this week, a young neglected puppy in a back garden prompted neighbours to investigate his welfare. He had been left alone for days outside, with no food and no water, and his infected skin could be smelt from some distance. When animal control investigated the concerns, no one was prepared for what was found. The puppy was a walking skeleton, but was so excited to finally have human contact, he kneeled over with exhaustion. But his tail never stopped wagging.


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The puppy was named Pax, meaning peace. When he was taken inside one of the animal control officer's homes, he drank deliriously from the toilet before anyone could stop him. Pax was wrapped in a towel and taken for immediate veterinary treatment. On the table, his skin peeled and flaked to the floor, and his heartbeat could be seen through his paper skin.

"The puppy's tail never stopped wagging - he was so excited to finally have human contact and kind touch," said the Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge. "The rescuers took him into their arms in a big fluffy towel because he was so frail. The towel seemed to weigh more than his tiny body."

Pax is now being cared for by Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, while he is re-introduced slowly to food and his skin conditions are treated. The rescue reports Pax has already gained weight, and his future is looking bright. The next stage is to find him a loving foster home. You can follow his journey on Rampo-Bergen Animal Refuge's Facebook page.

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