Women playing Pokémon Go find abandoned puppy📱

Like millions of others around the world this week, Kaitlin Kouts and Tiffany Revay have been out and about playing Pokémon Go in their neighbourhood. But instead of finding only virtual creatures, the pair from Texas, in the USA, found something very real indeed.

Kaitlin and Tiffany had ordered a pizza one evening, and decided to kill the time before its arrival by playing the new app-based game in their local park. It was here they discovered a young puppy, who was alone and in a very bad way.

"Instead of a Jigglypuff, I found a puppy," Kouts told KTRE. "The puppy was laying by the tree and a trash bag and could not move. His mouth was bleeding, he wasn't moving very much. He looked like he was in pain. We found out his back leg was broken. His gums were pale and blue and so were his ears."

As the two women asked around the neighbourhood to see if anyone knew or owned the pup, their pizza arrived - and the delivery man, Skyler Jerke, turned out to be a trained paramedic too! He calmed and wrapped up the puppy, who was then taken to the nearby Lone Star Veterinary Clinic to fix his two broken legs.

The puppy has been named Pokey, after the game credited with saving his life. Kaitlin and Tiffany have set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for Pokey's treatment, which has already far exceeded its target.

Featured image via Facebook/KaitlinKouts

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