Stunning images from the Kennel Club's Dog Photographer of the Year competition📸

The Kennel Club has announced the winners of its tenth annual Dog Photographer of the Year competition - after sifting through an incredible 13,000 entries from 90 different countries. The winner is the image you see above: Anastasia Vetkovskaya from Russia took this photograph of Sheldon the Springer Spaniel entering the water on a misty morning.

Anastasia said, “I have loved animals from an early age, which is why I went to Moscow Veterinary Academy and became a veterinary surgeon in 2007. Around this period of time, my husband gave me my first SLR camera and since then I have devoted all of my free time to photography. My speciality is pets and I am inspired most by horses and dogs.

"This particular image was taken during dog training one early autumn morning. The dog, Lordsett Just One Look (Sheldon), belongs to a friend and often becomes my model.”

Scroll through to see the winners and runner-up entries from the eight categories...

'Dogs at Play'

Winner: Baxter the Westie, by Tom Lowe, North Tyneside

DPOTY 2015 Dogs at Play 1st Place © Tom Lowe-The Kennel Club

2nd place: Elouise Leland, USA

Dogs At Play (J3), two puppies, amateur photographer *** Local Caption *** 2nd Place winner DAP Telephoned and confirmed 2nd place

3rd place: a Dalmatian in the snow, by Daniel Nygaard, Sweden

Dogs At Play (J6) not his dog, he is a professional photographer Shot with Nikon D800 *** Local Caption *** 3rd place DAP winner Telephoned 11 May to confirm placement


Winner: Linda Strom, Colorado, USA

Puppy (J3) *** Local Caption *** 1st place Puppies called 6 May 2016 to congratulate her Winner

2nd place: Cat Race, UK

Puppy (J7) *** Local Caption *** 2nd place Puppies category

3rd place: Monika Madi, UK

Puppy (J5) *** Local Caption *** 3rd place puppy place contacted by telephone 10 May her puppy photographed chewing her hat

'Dog Portrait'

Winner: Two Afghan Hounds, by Jamie Morgan, Maidstone

DPOTY 2015 Portrait 1st Place ©Jamie Morgan_The Kennel Club

2nd place: Andrey Ershoy, Russia

Portrait (J6) *** Local Caption *** 2nd place portEmailed about placing 13 May

3rd place: Rogerio Araujo, Brazil

DPOTY 2015 Portrait 3rd Place © Rogerio Araujo_The Kennel Club

'Man's Best Friend'

Winner: A man and his dog on a train, by Fiona Sami, Bristol

Mans Best Friend (J5) *** Local Caption *** 1st place MBF winner, amateur photographer specialising in dogs doesn't know the person in the photo - random photo taken on train contacted by telephone May 9

2nd place: Bruce Lehman, USA

Mans Best Friend (J5) *** Local Caption *** 2nd place MBF

3rd place: Polina Ulyanova, USA

DPOTY 2015 Mans Best Friend 3rd Place © Polina Ulyanova_The Kennel Club

'I Love Dogs Because...' (Under 18 category)

Winner: A fox-red Labrador puppy, by Jade Hudson, Lincolnshire

I Love Dogs (J6), 16 years old, Hugo, labrador retriever, photo taken with iPad mini, Jade has a real gift with taking photos (per her mother) *** Local Caption *** 1st place ILD Telephoned 11 May and confirmed placement winner

2nd place: Advait Huggahalli, USA

I Love Dogs (J5) *** Local Caption *** 2nd place ILD contacted 9 May 10 years old - father's email

3rd place: A relaxed Pug, by Jasmine Otterley, UK

I Love Dogs (J5) *** Local Caption *** 3rd place ILD, aspiring dog photographer, sirsidneythepug on instagram almost 12k followers! will send camera details contacted by telephone 9 May


Winner: 12-year-old crossbreed Lizzie, by Kevin Smith, Worcester

Oldies (J5) *** Local Caption *** 1st place oldies first place professional photographer contacted by telephone 9 May

2nd place: A 10-year-old Irish Setter, by Adriana Bernal, Columbia

Oldies (J6) Irish Setter (possible cross breed) 10 year old dog resting on the arm chair *** Local Caption *** 2nd place oldies confirmed placement by telephone 10 May My cel phone: 57 3144111856

3rd place: Two chocolate Labradors by Jonathan Yearsley, UK

Two old labradors sitting on a hill *** Local Caption *** 3rd place Oldies, 2 brothers NE Wales near Chester contacted by telephone 9 May (work email)

'Assistance Dogs and Dog Charities'

Winner: Dale with family pet Esta, taken by Dale's brother Michael Higginson, Preston, Lancashire

Assitance & Charity (J7) *** Local Caption *** 1st place ADDC winner

2nd place: A lady and her service dog, by Diana Anderson, Australia

Assitance & Charity (J5) Photographer has photoraphed this lady and her assistance dog a few times. It is her service dog and has had her dog for a few years now - can't live without him *** Local Caption *** 2nd place ADDC Contacted by telephone 11 May confirming 2nd place

3rd place: Ed Felker, USA

Assitance & Charity (J3) Finn is a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International. He visits hospitals and nursing homes to comfort those in need of comforting. Photo taken in nursing home in VA. Finn is pet name *** Local Caption *** 3rd place ADDC Telephoned 11 May to confirm placement

'Dogs at Work'

Winner: Anastasia Vetkovskya, Russia (also the overall winner)

DPOTY 2015 Dogs At Work 1st Place © Anastasia Vetkovskaya_The Kennel Club

2nd place: A Belgian Shepherd working for the West Midlands Fire Service, by Robert James Dray, UK

DPOTY 2015 Dogs At Work 2nd Place ©Robert James Dray_The Kennel Club

3rd place: Lou, a former working Border Collie, by Kristi Oikawa, Canada

Dogs At Work (J6) *** Local Caption *** 3rd place DAW pet dog, Lou, formerly a working dog contacted by telephone 9 May 2016

All of the winning images and the second and third places for each category will be on display at the Kennel Club in Mayfair, London, from 28 June until 12 September. The exhibition is open to the public and free to visit by appointment. Anyone wishing to visit should contact the Art Gallery office:


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